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An action game that allows you to explore a large open world in any way you wish

An action game that allows you to explore a large open world in any way you wish

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Yet again, Rockstar Games has outdone themselves and taken players to the world of crime with its invention. Grand Theft Auto V. GTA V is a thrilling action game with multiple locations and a giant sandbox. GTA V focuses its attention on three notorious thugs working hand in hand to finish and win missions.

GTA has side quests that you can do and win yourself some cash. The money won can also purchase an upgrade. GTA V reminds you of the once-famous San Andreas.

GTAV V will be the next main and significant entry since GTA IV in 2008. The following is an insight into the newly released action game:

What Changes Are In GTA V?

Staunch gamers of previous games will familiarize themselves with the new GTA V. Quests must be done with to advance on the story. The career mode of GTA V is supposed to provide the missions, keep the game going on and give a storyline. Every task to accomplish follows an objective to do too.

The protagonist names are:

  • Michael
  • Trevor
  • Franklin

Unlike other stories, GTA V gives you the option to switch between the three heroes and stick with one of your choices. To reverse the character of your choice, you only have to click the first round of the game and change.

Other than that, you can also change from first to third person POV. The combat system of the game has also not remained behind. General experience boosting is through the enrichment of weapons and the customization of arms.

Visibility differences as vehicles now appear less heavy, and it is more fun to operate. Changing the modes, character choice, and an upgrade on the weapon section have made the game more interesting. Players now have a variety of options to pick from.

Almost all the missions in the game follow an outlined objective that involves driving to a location—killing armed men, gathering up pieces of the necessary information, and going back to your safe house.

Is It Advisable To Have GTA V?

Without a doubt, players with experience from previous stories can attest that GTA V is an entertaining title. While quenching the fan’s thirst for the franchise, GTA V delivers a different need to the table, and it is what you need and crave. There is more freedom in settling for your path of desire and customization apart from only presenting an open world.

A few changes could make some fans undecided, but GTA V is the game that matches your expectations. Be keen and concentrate because one can only advance to the next level after successfully finishing the previous one.

The Pros and Cons of GTA V include:


  • Provides a large sandbox wild
  • There is an immersive campaign
  • Provides Great visuals
  • Allows players to switch
  • From one to the three protagonists.


  • It needs decent graphic cards
  • Some missions have long driving sessions
  • The driving style is said to be less realistic.